Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Shoot Em Up

My 12yo wanted to go to the archery range yesterday. He'd been wanting to go for weeks...but it just didn't work out.

Until yesterday.

He invited a friend too. The friend MAY look slightly familiar to come of you...he goes by the name "Red Star" in his mama's blog.

I just felt compelled to share these glimpses of the day...grainy though the photos be.

Totally-staged photo, but for the record, the arrows were placed in holes he actually shot..over the course of several rounds.

Again the staged photo...I told him I'd take it but I also told him I wouildn't say it really happened all in one round...I won't lie even for my kid.

The range...I was shocked that it fit inside the building...the building was deceptively large.

Red Star on the left and my 12yo on the right

Just so you know, I am fully aware that you would NEVER know this is Red Star unless you know the child...I'm simply attempting to be fully accurate in my photo credits. It's that journalism degree shining through.

Action shot
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  1. Staged or not, that is impressive!

  2. Oh my goodness HOW FUN!!! Glad the boys can get together and play!