Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Version

Ten Things of Thankful

This list took me about 30 seconds to write. I think this intro is actually taking me longer to write than the list.  When you’re on vacation, the thankfulness tends to come more easily, doesn’t it?

So without further delay, I give you my Ten Eleven Things of Thankful: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Version.

1.  I am still on vacation.

2.  I am in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

3.  I am with my family (Mr. Always Random and the PBA have never been here before, so it's been loads of fun to see them experience it for the first time).
Dad was taking the usual; and pardon my hair...the hard water in the shower and the constant breeze outside aren't really working with me

4. No dog accompanied us…and as far as we know, Jackie hasn’t throttled Indy yet. Still going with “no news is good news!”
This is what I think about being left at home

5.  We’ve seen a lot of wildlife…including, but not limited to: a moose, some elk, prong horns, mule deer, pikas, marmots, mountain blue birds, tree swallows, osprey, bison, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, and loons (again…try to resist the temptation to make a joke here).

Photo taken by my dad
6.  And beautiful scenery. 
Another fabulous photo taken by my dad

7.  And eaten great food. (Sorry no pictures of the food...I was too hungry to pause and take a picture first.)

8.  And no one has gotten sick or injured…(well, severely)….nothing that some bandaids and/or moleskin can’t handle. (No pictures of the wounds either...too gross. I do have SOME filter...when it counts.)

9.  And no one was eaten by a bear on our 5 mile hike on Friday (we dialed it down a little bit after Thursday's hike).
There have been "Be Bear Aware" signs at every trail head, but this one seemed a little more terse in its  warnings.

10.  And no one fell out of the boat into 40-something degree water during our evening float trip down the Snake River.
Our view from the float trip...beautiful!

11.  And we’re all still speaking to one another…we still have more than a week to go on our trip so check in with me NEXT Saturday.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. How handy to have a dad who has an awesome camera and knows how to use it! We have never seen so many animals on a trip. Perhaps it's the 2 kids vs. 6 kids who cannot for the life of them keep quiet thing. Or we're completely unobservant. (However, we always see loons. (the human kind))
    Glad you are having a great trip!

  2. I'm glad none of you got eaten by a bear. I should think that would put something of a downer on the vacation!

    Those photos are gorgeous, and I especially like the one of your dog - seems like a sweetie.

    Thanks for linking in with us again - I'm enjoying your lists and it's great that this one was so easy for you to do - there is much to be grateful for whilst on holiday.

  3. Those pictures are breathtaking! Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

  4. Oh sounds like a wonderful trip and cannot believe the picture your dad took. Gorgeous!!! :) :)

  5. "Do not run"

    lol! you totally had to have laughed coming upon the sign.

    Very excellent photos, and a 'List' that is not just about conditions but activity involving everyone in the family.

    ...wait til your dog sees you! they do 'welcome back' better than any lifeform on the planet!

  6. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking! You make me want to travel to Jackson Hole! Even though I grew up in Colorado and have driven through Wyoming many times to get to Bozeman, MT, I have never been to Jackson Hole. Also, very glad nobody was eaten by a bear!

  7. Wow, this landscape and the pictures are truly breathtaking! They look like paintings, they are just perfect!

    As for the bear: although I know that they are very dangerous I always find them so cute. I guess I might not be too cautious when I see one. But then again the possibility of running into a bear here is 0. ;-)

  8. Vacation, a hike, wildlife, the scenery, go food and no ailments. I'm a little jealous and thinking of a taking a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  9. You have awesome reasons to be thankful this week. I'm a huge fan of Yellowstone and my only wish: I could go there more often. So glad I found you on this blog hop. There sure are a lot of wonderful brothers and sisters in this world.

  10. How fun to see all those animals. Very glad you did not see any bears! Bear signs at our vacation area too. Actually Bear sanctuary so we could not shoot them if we did see them. Enjoy your vacation your dad's pictures are truly amazing!