Monday, June 24, 2013

Matching Socks

As you may or may not know, when wearing hiking boots, it is always best (or at the very least ideal) to wear socks that come up higher than your shoes.

Case in point: on the second day of hiking (on the 8 mile trip, no less) my 12yo had places rubbed raw on both the inside and outside of his ankles. The culprit? Low-cut socks.

Mole skin to the rescue, thank you very much.

Yesterday, as we were hiking one of two 3+ miles hikes, I was behind my 10yo. And it was abundantly clear that one sock was slipping down inside his boot.

And he kept stopping to pull it back up.

The other one stayed up just fine.

I quickly deduced (because I am a fabulously astute mom) that he was not wearing a matched pair of socks.

He wanted to argue...big shock.

When we got to the car, I had him remove his boots so we could check out the socks.

And so I could prove that I was right.

He was quick to point out that they were "the same"...

Meaning the toes were the same, but the height of the sock was not. One was short and one was long.

I was quick to point that out.

Because I'm like that.

"Buddy, is long and one is short. That's why you're having a problem. You have to have two long socks in the pair."

"But mom...ALL the pairs are like that."


This is his idea of "holding on" while riding on the ski lift.