Wednesday, May 22, 2013


In case anyone is curious, I have a life lesson you need not experience.

I'll simply tell you the event and the outcome and save us all a little bit of heartache.

An unguarded bowl of cereal left on the edge of the coffee table is easy prey for an 18 pound dog, even if you take the time to cover said bowl before you walk away.

Apparently a dog's sense of smell is pretty good...not sure if you were aware...and his sniffer can detect food "hidden" under a cloth napkin.

However, in addition to the life lesson, I also have a PSA for you; something of which you may NOT be aware...dogs do not care for the high-frequency pitch of a hand-held electric bug zapper and all one need do to separate a dog from his spoils is flip the switch.

If you don't have one of these things, you MUST get one. Not only does it work to deter your dog, it actually kills bugs too.

And no, I don't get a cut of the sales if you actually buy one. I simply share this information so that other bowls of cereal might be spared the horror we experienced in our home.

We got one (an electric bug zapper...not a bowl of cereal...lest you be confused) as a White Elephant gift a couple years ago, and I dare say it may be one of the best gifts we've ever gotten.

OK, maybe not, but it is...hands down...the best White Elephant gift we've ever received.

I realize that's not saying much. I'm certain you realized it too.

NOTES of CLARIFICATION: Before anyone tries to call us on animal abuse, PLEASE understand...we did NOT touch the dog or even come within several feet of him. The noise alone had the desired effect. Please don't shock your dog!

Also, no child was injured during the course of this event, despite the fact it MAY have been a member of the PBA who left the cereal on the table. Who knew Indy had a penchant for generic "Fruit Loops" swimming in whole milk? NOW we know.

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  1. Think it would work on my kid? I say all the time I wish I had a spray bottle like people training dogs. Of course just to flip it off and on, not for actually smacking a kid with it, unless it will take away "that tone" i seem to be getting with consistency. Then maybe a light buzz.
    kidding or not?