Friday, April 26, 2013


Because I know you were sitting there at home, wondering if the mama bird outside my laundry room even cleaned up her act...the answer is "Yes, sort of."

She did build more of a structure to the madness, but much to my chagrin she left a lot of the schleppy-looking stuff trailing down.

I am half-tempted to go out there with some scissors and take care of it.

Don't judge.

And because I am not tall (thank you Christine for enlightening me), I can't see inside this nest.

And I'm too lazy to get out a ladder.

Plus, the ladder lives next to my car and I would more than likely ding or scratch the car in my attempts to wrestle the ladder out of the garage.

Or move the car to keep it from being dented or scratched.

I don't think Mr. Always Random would be happy with me if I did that.

And let's be honest...that sounds like a LOT of work and I don't have time for that.

Better to sit here at my computer and write about it.

It's warmer in here too.

If I'm anything, I am astute: considering the mama has been on this nest for a couple days now, I think it's safe to assume she's got some bright blue eggs warming under her tush.

Or belly, as it actually is. Did you know that mama robins have what is called a "brood patch" on their bellies? It is a place where her bare skin rests on the eggs to ensure that they are kept at a consistent temperature, as close as it can get to the normal body temperature of a robin...which is 104 degrees Fahrenheit, BTW.

If you're interested (and I know you don't have to admit it) you can, of course, Google it for yourself...or just click here for a brief synopsis.

You're welcome.

Also, she's probably got 3-5 eggs in there, and it will take them about two weeks until each one hatches...more than likely on sequential days because they're laid on sequential days (not all at once).

And then it will be two additional weeks until they are ready to fledge.

And unlike the cardinal, a mama robin will reuse the same nest, for two to three clutches in a year.

But since this is not on my front door, I am ok with that.

No, this is not a great picture, but remember: I'm taking it through a window.  Add to that the fact that it "MAY" be in need of a good cleaning...

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