Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: So Close

These are actually pictures from Monday morning (and please don't think I made Mr. Always Random work through the night to get this completed...I just didn't get a picture taken on Sunday evening.) Yes, yes, you are is the Dining Room...just about finished. 

And with the cabinet back in it's home, with flooring underneath...many thanks to our neighbor who helped hoist it back in place.  No need for a trim carpenter to come and help us finagle the cabinet to look like a built-in, simply so we wouldn't have to remove the carpet underneath. Saved us so much time & money...thank you, Lord!

Trim work left to do but I am thankful...we are so close (and again, by "we" I mean Mr. Always Random...)

PS I am well aware of the fact that the rug is too small for the table...I was simply trying to break up the monotonous color scheme in the room...even the 11yo has pointed out (repeatedly, I might add) that the floor, cabinet and table & chairs are all pretty much the same color) thing at a time, Buddy. But I am secretly glad that he notices things like that...not so much that he keeps telling me, but I appreciate that he noticed.


  1. I can't wait to see it in person. Photos never do remodels justice!