Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sixteen Candles or Something Else?

To everyone with whom I attended high school…I can’t tag you all so I’ll just trust that you might see it. 

Or someone will tell you about it.

Or maybe it will pass you by completely and you will be forever oblivious of it’s existence.

Let’s face it…if that happens, you’re probably better off.

Though you might get a good laugh.

Or you may be offended that I’m getting such a good laugh.

If you think you might be offended, please don’t continue reading; pull the rip cord now while there's still time.

The other day, Mr. Always Random was at our (ok, my not his) high school to drop off our 11yo for a soccer agility session. While he was waiting, he perused the Hall of Excellence and the photos of some of the school’s top performing athletes from years gone by.

As mentioned, he did not attend the same school; he attended another public school to the north of us…in a large system run by the city of Indianapolis.

I’m sure you can probably guess which one; you’re all smart like that.

When he came home from the soccer training session, Mr. Always Random asked me, “When you were in high school, was everyone was good looking?”

Me: (insert laugh/snort/chortle here) Uh, no. Why? Are you serious?  What do you mean?

Mr. Always Random: Well…in all the pictures outside the gym, in every single one of them, the students were good looking. I mean, a couple of the guys were kind of gangly but pretty much everyone was attractive. Guys and girls.

Me: Really? You think so?

Mr. Always Random: Yeah, I do. I think your school must have been like a John Hughes film, where every kid is good looking.  You should have been at my high school.

Once I stopped laughing, I realized that this just gives me yet ANOTHER reason that I’m thankful that I did not attend his high school.

As a personal aside...I often felt like Joan Cusack from "Sixteen Candles" when I was in high school…and yes, I even had a sweatshirt similar to the one she’s wearing…with the skirt that flipped up so you could see her (the character on the shirt…not the wearer of the sweatshirt’s) skivvies.

So clearly I was pretty cool and undoubtedly had my picture in the Hall of Excellence as well...

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