Monday, February 11, 2013

10 Gifts That Would Be Well Received

So I am late to the party…again…but I was struggling to come up with a variant of the topic…and then write a list about it too. It’s been one of those days…thanks for cutting me some slack.

The topic Stasha gave us was 10 “Oh No You Didn’t” Gifts. Trust me…there have been our fair share of those, but why bring that up…and so close to Valentine’s Day? No one wants to be reminded of how they have not quite hit the mark on previous gifts; so instead I made it easy on Mr. Always Random…and anyone else who may be looking to get a gift for me at some point in the future.

So without further hesitation, here is my list of 10 Gifts That Would Be Well Received:

  1. Chocolate…I know some of you would disagree, but chocolate is always warmly welcomed in this household. Just make sure it doesn’t have any fruit in it, or really…any fruit flavoring. I like fruit with my fruit, and chocolate with my chocolate; and never the two should mix. I think it says that somewhere in the Bible…it might be the 11th Commandment. And no, I don’t think God will smite me for that…He knew I was going to say it before I even did. And I bet He even laughed. I’m modest if anything.
  2. A copy of a book that someone has read and thought I should read it too. I will gladly even just borrow a copy, or take a used copy. I'm really not that picky.
  3. Fresh-cut flowers from the garden. I worked in a florist shop long enough to know about mark-ups and all that crazy stuff. Unless you can get a bargain-basement price on some flowers at a shop, please save your money and just cut some from your garden. Or a neighbor’s garden when she’s at work. I’ll never know whose yard they came from. And you don’t have to tell, because I won’t ask.
  4. A note of affirmation or encouragement. Enough said. I’ll get all weepy if I continue to expound in this one.
  5. Seeing a need and filling it…specifically without being asked, but you’ll still get partial credit if I only have to ask once. Case in point: young children folding the laundry or setting the table. Or emptying the dishwasher (ok now that one is just crazy but a girl can dream can’t she?)
  6. An unprompted coffee from Starbucks or a fountain Coke Zero from a gas station (I say that because not too many restaurants have Coke Zero, plus being a frugal gal, I know that gas station sodas are much cheaper)…and yes, fountain only. You’ll get partial credit for a can or plastic bottle.
  7. Extra coupons from your newspaper. Once you have collected the ones you want, give me your cast-offs and I will gladly accept them. It’s like found money!
  8. Gift cards to my favorite shops. Even $5 ones are fantastic. Then I make a little game of it by going in to shop and seeing what I can buy for as close to the gift card amount as possible. Yes, I’m a little sick like that.
  9. Hand-me-down clothes…for me or the PBA. Or Mr. Always random, though that doesn’t happen quite so often…you know how men hold on to clothes for YEARS.
  10. Fun little surprises…stocking stuffer type of gifts. There will be more to explain this next week, on the “10 Tiny Things Which Bring Me Joy” Listicles.

Oh yes. You caught me. I know the topic a whole week in advance and I am still barely getting this one in…phew!

Because I know that it's a contest and I am being judged.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. #5!! So much so. If you folded my laundry it's like getting flowers. Seriously!!

    Great list!!

    1. Yes, fold my laundry and I'll be your biggest fan! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yu are such a doll. Honestly! Coke zero all around. Happy Valentine's!

    1. You are too kind! I hardly ever drink Coke Zero (or any soda, for that matter) but if I do, it HAS to be Coke Zero. Now that you mention it, it sounds kind of tasty! I may need to stop by a BP and pick one up! :) Thanks for stopping by!