Monday, December 3, 2012

Jumping Into Stasha’s Monday Listicles

So I have been paying close attention to my sweet friend In The Coop, and she always (well, as far as I can tell) does Stasha’s Monday Listicles. Each Monday, Stasha gives the topic for the following Monday’s post.  It has always looked like fun to me; after much ruminating, I decided I would jump in.

It is most unfortunate for me to have decided to jump in at this point. This week’s top is “Ten Reasons Why I’m Great”.

And could I refrain for one more week…not having to endure such an activity I do not really want to? Absolutely. No one is making me…I am choosing it. And I would challenge you…my readers…to do the same. Not for anyone else, unless of course, you want to. But if nothing else, it is an opportunity to “accentuatethe positive, eliminate the negative”…everybody together! (Yes, I’ve referenced this song before but it doesn’t make it less applicable; you know you want to sing it and since I've included the youtube video you can with ease).

I will confess that I asked the PBA for help; coming up with things about myself seemed even more shallow than I usually try to be. So I thought, if nothing else, it would give the PBA some time to consider how awesome I am, and allow me to bask in their compliments, albeit somewhat coerced ones.

So here is their list, in no particular order (at least I’m hoping they’re not in any particular order...I suppose I should have clarified that when I asked them for the list, however if this is, in fact, the numbered order for them, I may need to make a few adjustments to my parenting…)

Now without further ado, Ten Reasons the PBA Think I’m Awesome. (Yes, Stasha uses the word Great…but I like the word Awesome better. And it’s my blog so it’s what I’m using. So there.  Clearly my attitude isn’t what makes me awesome.
  1. You let us have iPods and other electronics. (Clarification: the grandparents do the purchasing; but I give them permission to have them in the house.)
  2. You feed us. (Clarification: I make sure there is ample food, both healthy and otherwise, for them to eat; they can feed themselves.)
  3. You take us to fun places. (Clarification: This means I take them out to eat on occasion; there’s not a lot of that which happens in this household.)
  4. You love us. (Clarification: Yes, this fact alone has saved their little behinds more times than I care to count…and cuteness alone factors in big time.)
  5. You give us shelter. (Clarification: We’ve been talking about this, especially in the “Thanks” part of our A.C.T.S. prayer time…and they know, full well, that it is God which gives them shelter, not me. But hopefully this means they understand that as parents, my husband and I will always take care of them.)
  6. You let us have a dog. (Clarification: the dog really belongs to me, but I let them take care of it; it gives them the sense of ownership they seem to be craving.)
  7. You give us clothes. (Clarification: I have some really fantastic girlfriends whose boys are just a bit bigger than the PBA and they hand down so many things that scarcely do we have need for any clothing item; if we do need something, the grandparents are quick to buy it before I can. Socks and skivvies fall into that category…socks sometimes make it long enough to pass down, but no one really wants to wear someone else’s skivvies unless absolutely necessary.)
  8. You teach us about God. (Clarification: God has blessed us with amazing friends, family and church family which surround the PBA, and come alongside us as parents to help build these boys into men who stand on their own faith and have their own relationships with God; yes, I do teach them about God but I’m not the only one. Many people have the opportunity to speak truth into their lives.)
  9. You gave us our own rooms. (Clarification: I knew they would probably kill each other if they had to share; they could probably share with anyone else but not one another. The 9yo needs too much alone time for the shared room arrangement to have worked out long-term. It was really a gift I gave myself.)
  10. You care about us. (Clarification: Actually this needs no clarification; ‘tis true, I do care about them. But lots of people care about them, so I don't know that it makes me awesome, but if THEY think it does, I'll take it!)

So there you have it: “Ten Reasons I Am Awesome” (well, kind of… most of which I have managed to deflect onto others).

But so long as the PBA think I’m awesome at all, I must be doing something right. I'm no Wonder Woman, but I'm trying.

Yes, that's me, circa 1978, I believe it was. 

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  1. That was a great list. I especially enjoyed the clarifications. Perfect way to jump on the listicle bandwagon.