Friday, October 19, 2012

High Class Dining

Consider this fair warning now: this is ALL about food. Pull the rip cord now if me discussing food has run its course for you.

All week, we have been planning to go to dinner at a little place called CQ’s. And tonight was the night.
We went there last year on our trip to HHI and it was, at that point, the best meal I had ever eaten. Hands down. In the year since that time, I have had nothing that comes remotely close. True…I am a pretty rockin’ cook (ok, not really, but it sounds good, right?) but my culinary skills are grossly below CQ’s.

This restaurant has to be the loveliest place in the world. And when I say “loveliest,” I don’t simply mean the ambiance, though it was quite nice. In fact, the PBA seemed impressed that the candles on the tables were real (not the fake kind like we have at church…if we attend church together, you probably know about that of which I speak. My boys have helped “turn the candles off” on Sundays as the building is being locked up.)
What I mean about this place being lovely is the food. Tonight’s was my Best.Meal.Ever. Tops last year. I cannot begin to describe it for you, because it would not do it justice. So I won’t ever try. What I will do for you, instead, is describe how the evening went.

When we walked in, they had a plate of their signature German Chocolate cookies, for guests as they LEAVE…in case they might have a penchant for a little taste of something sweet (at least I assume that’s what it’s for; if that’s not the reason, then I have no idea why but I do know they are “free”). Or as my 9yo said, “Hey! They have samples!" (I have taught him well but not well enough.) I did grab his hand back from the plate as we were directed toward our table, to ensure he didn’t take one prematurely. I’m still not entirely convinced that he didn’t.
We sat down at the table and were extended all the niceties one would expect from a high class restaurant. Nice linens on the table, wine glasses and water glasses at each seat, REAL candles (as previously mentioned)…all that jazz. I’m so high-brow, aren’t I? We had a very attentive and friendly waitress who kept glasses filled and continually checked in.

My 9yo was still content to order from the “Young Adult’s Menu”…he had Char Grilled Sirloin, Red Skin Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans as his “Seasonal Vegetable” with Demi Glace. And Sprite to drink. Having soda at a meal is big stuff for the PBA, and vacation is always the crème de la crème: soda every day.  He ate it all except his potatoes, which is surprising considering how much he loves starches, but for some reason they were not quite his thing. Frankly I think he was saving room for dessert.
And he did share a dessert with me…and he even ordered it in the manner in which I instructed him. He pointed toward me and said, “The lady and I will be sharing the Chocolate Bites.” And it would have been perfect too, until he did a little improv. Gesturing to me with his thumb, he added, “Yeah, she told me to say that.” Perfect…you sounded like a little gentleman until you went off-script. Will you never learn to just do what I say and nothing else? I’m going to guess not.

The rest of us ate from the regular menu, except for the 11yo had the Special for the evening: it was a New York strip with herbed butter, Brussel Sprouts in a Cheese and Bacon sauce, and some sort of potato that was liken to au gratin. Yes, I don’t have the full description available to me because it’s not listed on the website (it was a special, remember?), so no, it doesn’t sound as fancy as the 9yo’s meal. But believe me, it was. And the 11yo ate all the steak, and about half the veggies and potatoes. But he also had dessert. Carmel Pecan Cheesecake. He did let everyone have a little bite (except his brother, who didn’t want one…not a fan of nuts. The 9yo did not partake of all those samples at The Nut Shop when we visited Savannah, BTW.), but otherwise polished off the entire dessert by himself.  As of yet, he is not sick, but the night is still young…
I’m not going to tell you what the rest of us ate; feel free to peruse the CQ’s menu and try to guess, if you’d like.  But I will tell you that we ate until we were stuffed. We are not ones to typically do that, but my husband’s comment, as we sat at the table awaiting the check, summed it up best, “I just want to put on my pajamas, because they have an elastic waistband.”

A sign of a fantastic meal…the need to put on something with elastic at the waist. We ARE high class, aren’t we?

This is my 11yo's meal. You can just tell it's fancy because of how it's plated: meat on top of the sides. I don't exactly know WHY you would do that, but it did look nice. The picture doesn't really do it justice.
And in case you needed one more way to tell we are high-class...we took a picture of the food before we ate. 

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