Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bringing Cuteness Back

Now for something completely different: a total fluff piece (and you’ll soon see why I say this because compared to this post, all the others have been hard-hitting journalism).

I realized early on in my life that I would never be beautiful…in either the conventional or non-conventional sense of the word. For a while that really bothered me, and at times it still niggles at me every now and again.
I believe it was in college, when my “sorority sisters” and I would say, “Oh Jen, you look so cute!” to one another, that I actually realized that “cute” might be the thing that works for me. As an aside, I need you to know that there are so many things about that sentence which need explaining (“Jen” and “sorority sisters” being the main ones…don’t get me wrong, I love to chase a bunny trail as much as the next girl, but I’m sorry. You’ll have to wait for another post about all that.).

As I pondered it further, cute is much more attainable than beautiful. Setting the bar lower makes it more likely to be reached. It’s not that I recommend that in all areas of my life…just the ones I try to be realistic about.
I did not receive the “pretty” genes when God was assembling me (as an aside, I am not calling anyone in my family “not pretty”. My mother, I’ll have you know, was the 1965 May Queen, though she claims it was not based on her appearance. I beg to differ.). And just as I don’t have the genetics, neither do I have the time or the money which can provide beauty.  Cute, I’m telling you, is the way for me to go.

Now, please understand, I am not trying to be vain or conceited. Mostly I think a personality, along with a nice purse and coordinating shoes, can get a girl far in life. Fun accessories, and sometimes plenty of make-up, always draw attention away from the person’s natural features anyway.
Now, you might be thinking “I don’t want to be thought of as cute; that is something for babies, puppies and kittens. I’m “24” years old. Someone of my age (or older) can’t be cute.” But let me point out – little old ladies can also be cute…think about it. Fresh from having her hair set at the beautician, wrapped up in her hand-knitted shawl, with grandchildren playing at her feet. How cute is that? That’s what I’m talking about. Yes, probably not overly ACCURATE but’s cute image I’ve conjured up in your head, isn’t it?

Now let me also point out that women who may not want to LOOK cute will still appreciate cuteness of things. For example, a woman who despises the thought of herself looking cute, will be enrapt with a house that is cute. No doubt, she will also desire cute children and a cute husband.  Cute friends too?  Yes to all of it…but she herself does not want to be cute? That’s crazy talk. Why be the odd-woman out, so to speak? Why not go for the whole cute package? Who doesn’t love a theme? A CUTE theme, no less.
To be honest, I’m good with cute. I can live with cute. Plus, I can go around using phrases like “Easy-peazy, lemon-squeezy”  and “Love ya, mean it!” and no one thinks a thing of it. Who wouldn’t want to talk like that?  It’s so, well…cute!

This picture really has no point other than to prove that yes, my children are the CUTEST kids ever.
And if you disagree with me, please keep your comments to yourself :)

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