Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Haircut and Angry Birds

Desperate for a haircut, I stopped by my favorite local Great Clips on the way home from work. Of course I had the PBA with me, but I figured that since it was in the middle of the afternoon, it shouldn’t be busy; we should be in and out in no time flat.

There is always the dilemma of how to keep them entertained while I’m getting my haircut. The 11yo had his Ipod with him, and although the 9yo had been grounded from video games, I decided to let him play Angry Birds on my phone. My boys have literally been at each other for days, so in the best interest of my sanity (and a good haircut, lest I have to bolt out of the chair in the middle of my cut to address some petty issue), I figured I should keep them completely engrossed in something rather than allowing them to pick at each other.

I had checked-in online before I left work. I LOVE that feature, BTW – especially since you can’t make appointments at Great Clips, and since I always go to the same stylist and there is usually at least a little bit of a wait for her, this cuts the wait down significantly.  So since I was already checked-in, and the one person ahead of me was already in mid-cut, I knew I would be golden.

So we’re sitting there waiting (the PBA and I), and it was there that I made my mistake. I should have given the 9yo my phone as soon as we walked in. But no. I was trying to have some semblance of punishment, and I had decided that I was only going to let him have the phone once I was called back to my seat.

So after we walked in, he plopped down in a chair, with a petulant sneer on his face. Then he tried to lie down on the chair, but his germaphobic mother made him sit up. He riffled through the magazines in the rack…no Sports Illustrated…so he sat back down.
After a minute, I heard him giggling; when I started to ask him what was so funny, I noticed that he was covering his mouth. Which meant that he’d noticed something inappropriate…and somehow a hand over his mouth makes him stop laughing?

He saw me looking at him, so he clammed up immediately. But after a few seconds, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and decided to “come clean” about the laughing. “Mom, don’t they know that there are children who come in here?!?” he asked with all the mock disdain he could muster.
“Why do you say that?”

Pointing to the wall of shelves, he whispered, “Because all those bottles say ‘sexy’ on them! That is NOT appropriate.” And then he started laughing again.
What else could I do? "Here…play Angry Birds, would you?”

Man...I played right into his hand.

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  1. Don't tell the boy, but I have purchased some of that inappropriate hair product before. No one could tell that I used it, so I'm thinking it doesn't quite live up to its name.